Zeglio Custom Clothiers has spread their cloth into Beverly Hills, recently opening their 6th national and 4th California retail location at the Beverly Palm Plaza shopping center on Olympic Boulevard. 

This is the fourth location I have secured for Zeglio. I really enjoy working with them. I am the proud owner of their custom suits. I would say they fit like a glove but no glove ever fit or looked this good. On the surface this was not a challenging deal. The pandemic really backlogged the permitting process for the city of Beverly Hills which delayed construction and opening. It was worth the wait in the end as they have a storefront visible to Olympic Boulevard in coveted Beverly Hills.

The Tenant, Zeglio Custom Clothiers, was represented by Josh Burland of Burland Commercial. The Landlord, Beverly Palm Plaza, was represented by Kyle Fishburn of Kennedy Wilson. Architectural drawings were performed by Brenda Bell & Associates. Tenant Improvements completed by ADA Construction.